Get Hot, Tasty Lunches Delivered for Free to Your Home or Office!

Homemade food at affordable prices. The menu is updated daily. Here you will find set meals, soups, salads, healthy dishes and freshly squeezed juices, vegetarian sets and desserts.
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The most affordable business lunches in Riga!

We offer various options for combinations of dishes in the set as well as separately.

Free delivery

The Food Club delivers meals in Riga and its surroundings free of charge. With our list of new routes constantly expanding, we are very happy to serve the maximum number of customers.
I want a delicious lunch deal

Treat yourself to a delicious home-cooked lunch now!

A New menu every day!

There is nothing worse than monotony. A variety of great-tasting home-cooked food awaits you with us every day. You can make your own set or choose just one dish. We also provide a choice of meals for vegetarians. Choose a meal package that suits your needs.

How The Food Club operates

It is possible to immediately connect the entire office (if you are having lunch in the office), while everyone makes and pays for their order individually.

1 — Registration

Fill out the contact form and we will register you in our convenient system, where every day a new and diversified menu will be waiting for you.

2 — Quick order

Every morning you can place an order in the system, paying for it online or in cash to the courier at the time of delivery.

3 — Delivery

At the appointed time, you receive a warm lunch at your home or office.

4 — Saving your time

You do not waste precious time queuing at a cafe and you can spend your lunchtime with a profit to one’s time and health.

Feedback from our content and satisfied customers

“Delicious homemade food, helpful staff, we will definitely order more, thank you!”

Annia MekshaGreat Food

“I liked everything very much, 5+ for the quality, 5+ for the delivery time. Everything is top notch, neat and, most importantly, delicious.”

Anna FedinaGreat Food

“Delicious, delivery on time, everyone ate ... Communication is more than good, I recommend having lunch here!”

Kristīne ĀboltiņaWould definitely recommend

Our advantages

Choose The Food Club and You will always have delicious food. Well-organized meals are the key to a successful and productive day!
6 days a week

Delivery to your door on weekdays and Saturdays

Something for everyone

We offer large portions and clean, balanced meals

Hassle-free delivery

Need your food delivered to a construction site, conference, or an off-site event? We’ve got you covered

Experienced team

In-house team of chefs and delivery drivers

No order is too big for us

We prepare 20,000 meals per month and never stop expanding

We also cater to corporate clients

Psst… Guess what, your employer can cover staff meals, in part or in full (no need to thank us)

From €1.70

Connect to our system and order a variety of homemade meals every day.

We are here to make your life easier. The Food Club saves time in the shops and at the stove and brings the warmth and flavour of a home-cooked meal.
I want a delicious lunch deal

The Food Club is convenient and useful

Diversified menu, including healthy and vegetarian, large portions, free delivery, a system of limits for employees (lunches are fully or partially paid by the employer). All this makes us the number one company in delivering meals to offices in Riga.

Affordable price

We buy products at wholesale prices directly from farms and cook in large volumes. Therefore, our ready-made meals are no more expensive than groceries in the store. You don’t have to waste Your time cooking.

Saving time and money

We will deliver food to the office, and You have more time to relax during your lunch break. No more queues at cafes and overpayments for restaurant food!


Food Club purchases fresh produce from trusted suppliers. Our chefs work according to the sanitary inspection standards, cook wearing gloves and undergo regular medical examinations.

Very tasty

We constantly hear this phrase from our grateful customers. Our chefs prepare new dishes every day. Fast delivery and special eco-friendly packaging keep food hot. And large portions will not leave anyone hungry.

Convenient delivery

We deliver ready-made meals to the office or another location free of charge, be it home, or an outdoor picnic or conference. You can pay for your order online at checkout or pay in cash with a courier.

Payment by cash or card

You can pay for meals online when placing an order or to a courier upon receipt. Cashless payments are also possible under an agreement with your company.